About Us

Youth4Swaraj is an intellectual and socio-political platform to inform, educate, motivate, convince and make the Youth masses participate in initiatives towards better future of the Youth and people of the state. It is about grooming and utilizing the skills and talents of our young generation by making them indulge in interventions in political process, conveying the message of peace, unity and brotherhood through personal meetings, mass movements, media and various other interactive platforms, with a particular focus on the issues being faced by the youngsters in Bihar.

• It is a political space to know oneself, to experiment, to do what you are passionate about, to stumble and fall and make mistakes, to question and be questioned, and to make friends. It is a political space which gives liberty to understand the diversity, community and democracy. On the whole it is about growing like a banyan tree which symbolizes a holistic way of life.
• It is a movement of youth’s understanding of who they are, what define their identity and sense of belonging. It is about new symbols and icons, new songs and ideas forged new links and refine the boundaries of youth. In long run it is about making new identities for youth.
• It is basically our commitment to create an environment in which youths can seriously and openly engage with their talents, values and visions, as well as their local realities, real world issues and contexts, and new possibilities.

Youth4Swaraj encourages Youths to discuss, share ideas, and sort out the solutions of different problems and issues, by doing positive practical efforts in which Youth can play a vital role. It helps to join hands with each other for the noble causes, to realize the importance of time, to involve Youths in productive work, for the betterment of our society and for the brighter future, instead of wasting time in other frivolous activities. There are thousands of issues on which the intellectual minds can discuss in an amicable way, and can work by doing combined efforts in search of success, eliminating the hurdles from each other's way, uniting and working together. By recognizing the power and importance of Youth, we can and we will make a better change in our lives. Being a good citizen and a Youth, it is our duty to put forward, realize, and understand our responsibilities, and play an active part in our lives.

We believe on the work for the sake of humanity, creating awareness, spreading the right message, and to awake the nation. Our methods of work will be peaceful and at the same time it will be a fearless effort.Youth4Swaraj is a strong advocate of Youths; we are of the view that if the Youths of Bihar come together, we can expect the un-expected. There is a demand of the time and need of the youth to realize this fact and work together in these lines.